Engine Reconditioning Doncaster have many years of experience in re-boring, repairing and reconditioning of the lower block for engines of all types. Our lower block engine services include re-lining the cylinder block back to standard or a customer’s specification. We can re-bore all engines including V8's on a rollover jig off the main housing diameters to make sure that extremely high levels of accuracy and to guarantee that all machining is concentric to the mains.
We are also able to re-face and line hone the block to return it to true in order to remove any distortion in the cylinder block itself.
Our lower block services include:

  • Pressure testing
    Pressurising the coolant system identifies leaks and cracks that require repair.
  • Block refacing
    Re-facing cylinder block back to true in the event of damage or distortion.
  • Line honing
    Machining the main cap in order to close the hole then re-machine to manufacturer’s specification removing any distortions or damage back to true.
  • Line boring
    Line boring is a machining process that establishes perfectly straight bores for crankshaft and camshaft housings, our equipment ensures the block housing is remanufactured to true. 
  • Con rod honing
    We machine both connecting faces of the con rod then rehone the bore to ensure it is remanufactured to true.
  •   Camshaft bearing fitting
    We remove and refit worn or damaged bearings. We also offer manufacturing of bespoke bearings. We can also line bore the bearings to customer specifications.
  • Small end bush remanufacturing and replacement
    We can remove small end bushes and rebore to ensure all con rods are the correct length.
  • Diamond cylinder honing
    We use diamond honing to ensure cylinder rebore finishes are within 2 microns.


Download our Engine Reconditioning brochure here.