Engine component balancing is an essential part of any well-built engine whether it is a high performance motorsport unit or commercial engine. Engine Reconditioning Doncaster offer a full engine balancing service that will improve performance and efficiency of any engine we work on. In addition we can also lighten your crankshaft and flywheel that will provide your engine with the best possible rotating assembly.
Our balancing services include:

  • Flywheel lightening
    We offer flywheel lightening, slotting and repitching for high performance and motorsport use.
  • Flywheel balancing
    Balancing of flywheel to ensure there no vibration or imbalance in the rotating assembly.
  • Full engine balancing
    Balancing of structural and operational components in an engine helps to improve longevity and performance as well as increasing power and efficiencies. Engine Reconditioning Doncaster are is able to balance all major engine components that will deliver smooth and improved performance.
  • Con rod balancing
    In order to ensure the rotating assembly in the engine runs vibration free, we offer end-to-end balancing of the con rods to ensure there are all identical.


Download our Engine Reconditioning brochure here.